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The Guardian of Arcadin by Sherdley S

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  • The Guardian of Arcadin
  • Sherdley S
  • Page: 356
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9781735216805
  • Publisher: Sherdley S

The Guardian of Arcadin

Kindle iphone download books The Guardian of Arcadin by Sherdley S in English

His desire to claim her overrode his logic, and her magics were a threat to his people. Guardian of his people Callum was commanding with a ruthless sense of justice. For the brooding guardian fought alone, moved alone, far removed on the Arcadin mountain, away from the masses and his brothers. Powerful but tormented, he was close to losing his light, turning into the very thing he fights against, a rebel. A quest to find his younger brother had led him to Kannan. A city, in the mortal realm radiating with dark magic. The happenings were more complicated than he anticipated. Humans not only were aware of his kinds and their abilities, but they were also plotting against them, ready to start a war with Luke at the center of it - He should have ended Luke's life that night. The last thing he expected was to be summoned telepathically by a mortal who dared to defy him- with wit and mystifying unmatched feminine powers. Rielle shared the powers of the forgotten ones, yet she was different. Ever since the governor set a curfew in Kannan, things were getting stranger. Women were committing suicide, and the special forces had taken control of the town. Someone was after her, she sensed it, and her dreams kept her up at night. Callum didn't know what she was or what she was capable of. But her enemies did. When she gazes mesmerizingly at the cold emptiness of his eyes, dreams overpower his starving senses. Emotions overrun his icy heart. And his dark hunger to possess her swamps his mind, body, and soul blinding him to the danger she faces or the threat that she is. Was Rielle his lifemate? He seemed to have met his match in this woman, but would she drive him closer to his fate- or save him from himself? Fated - Callum and Rielle path will take them into a terrifying conspiracy of orders between the two realms and into the reel of darkness, where the shattering reality, neither of them could have foreseen - or can elude.

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